By Geozuwa

Have you ever wondered where you go when you die? Have you ever lost someone and never had a chance to, say goodbye, apologize, let them know how much you really loved them? Do you wonder if your loved ones can still see and hear you? Did you choose to be born into this life? Did you choose your path? Are you on your correct path? 

Throughout this book Geozuwa presents an abundance of evidence from amazing personal and professional experiences of the existence of life after death. You will discover how you can easily and effortlessly visit with loved ones and your Spirit Guides on the Other Side now! Discover your path, your purpose, and how amazing you truly are! 

After reading this book you will be aware that it is possible to receive all of the knowledge and wisdom of the entire Universe, and to gain extraordinary and powerful abilities now! This book is an invitation for you to experience, firsthand, the Pure Love, joy, healing, and perfection of the Other Side and know, with absolute certainty, that you are an infinite being and your Soul is eternal!