At a young age Geozuwa discovered his natural mental and spiritual abilities. One night while falling asleep he was visited by an angel and from that moment on his metaphysical abilities skyrocketed to the point that he could leave his body and connect to source on command. Some of the other abilities he realized were that he could remote view, channel, astral project, and connect to spirit and visit loved ones who have passed. As an adult he began sharing his talents with others in hopes that they too would be able to see the other side, heal others and themselves, and experience life on a higher vibration with pure love, light, and energy.  Not only has he mastered self hypnosis, astral travel, and dream control, but in his current courses he also teaches his students how to use these techniques to become powerful healers and experience spiritual awakening. 

As a licensed builder Geozuwa's dream and vision is to create and maintain several self sustaining communities for foster children to grow up in a safe and empowering environment where they can experience the metaphysical and mediation techniques to forgive, grow, and enhance the world in the most positive way possible.  

Geozuwa (pronounced like Joshua with a twist! Jah-jue-ah) is an international white light healer, lecturer, consultant, author, certified instructor, and licensed builder for the last 15 years. He specializes in advancement of metaphysical abilities and self healing through hypnosis, self awareness, and personal advancement. 



About Geo

"Geozuwa's workshop was incredible and mind blowing and the complete reset and re-programming of my current mindset. What a powerful positive and like shifting experience that I will benefit myself and always!"
 Becca M. - California